Instrument rental doesn’t have to be expensive! Hire a brand-new instrument through Rent-a-Horn, our own instrument hire program, and get off to a flying start!

Not everyone is ready or willing to purchase a brand-new instrument for their first music lesson, so Rent-a-Horn offers a great alternative.

Hire a brand-new instrument for a maximum of 12 months at rock-bottom prices. If you like it, you have the option to purchase it at any time during your Rental Period. If not, you simply return the instrument to us at any time before the 12-month Rental Period expires.

Rent-a-Horn: Hire to Buy

With Rent-a-Horn, you can apply to purchase your hire instrument at any time. Of course you also have the flexibility to return the instrument to us within the Rental Period with no penalties. The full rental fees you paid during the Rental Period can be rebated towards the purchase of your instrument (conditions apply).

A brochure containing more information and all the terms and conditions may be found to the right.


  • Brand-new quality instruments.
  • No risk!
  • Unpack and play – no setup required.
  • No deposit or bond required.
  • Interest free.
  • Free maintenance for normal wear & tear.
  • Delivery to your door (charges apply).
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