We are very proud to announce that we have become the exclusive distributor for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands of the magnificent Maxton clarinet mouthpieces.

Maxton mouthpieces are manufactured and quality-assured in Austria using specialist industrial machinery. Years of research and technical development have lead to the creation of a mouthpiece with unique properties for convenience of playing.

Maxton have worked very hard to optimize both the materials and production methods to be able to truly guarantee the unequalled precision of their mouthpieces. With the help of a revolutionary process, the facing curve is milled onto the mouthpiece. As such, the mouthpieces receive the perfect shape so you can achieve the perfect result.

The musician’s talent is no longer constrained by the limits of the instrument. Maxton offers you the most modern mouthpiece with a minimal margin of fluctuation. Its precision is unrivalled and it provides you with a more stable, more direct, clearer and fuller sound with a minimum of effort.

Professional orchestral musicians and advanced hobbyists rely on Maxton mouthpieces products, regardless of playing style. They can feel the difference from embouchure to attack to adjustment – every time, every day.

, New @ LCWB: Maxton Clarinet Mouthpieces – Made in Austria

Maxton – who are they?

Maxton is managed by Martin Fluch, a professional musician and instrument maker. As a professional clarinetist with the Austrian ORF-Radio Symphonic Orchestra in Vienna (RSO), he fully understands the artist’s aspiration as well as necessity for constant improvement. The Viennese orchestra tradition, very much embodied in Martin Fluch himself, is setting international standards. At the basis of this lies the quality of the instruments. Like the skills of a musician, this very basis also requires constant challenge and development.

Martin founded Maxton in 2008 with this thought in mind, and has dedicated himself to musical innovation ever since. Today, partners from
around the world swear by Maxton. Maxton’s work starts where other products have reached their limits. Because quality is their paramount concern and because they are constantly optimising our processes, Maxton can offer you perfection as you have never experienced before.

The company does not source any parts from third parties. Instead they build them themselves with the help of their partners. They utilise the latest scanning and laser technologies. Their highest priority during the manufacturing process is to constantly analyse the timbre while making technical adjustments.

Experience these fine quality products for yourself, so nothing may stand in the way of realising your true artistic potential.

From Camille to Arnold in Classic and Flexilis

The Maxton mouthpiece is available in different tip openings and facing lengths – there is a Maxton for every player and for every style. Each series comes in two “flavours”: Classic and Flexilis.

Maxton Classic

The Maxton Classic mouthpiece is the all-rounder. Made of plastic, the result is a direct sound that is unmistakable in its clarity. The stable sound guarantees reliability. Maxton Classic surpasses your expectations and provides a convincing listening experience.

Maxton Flexilis

The Maxton Flexilis mouthpiece shines with outstanding precision and a fuller sound. This mouthpiece is made of a newly composed material with synthetic caoutchouc (rubber). It forms a more dimensional mouthpiece, creating a brilliant sound experience and blending seamless timbres. With Maxton Flexilis, the Classic series is expanded with a darker but more sensitive tone, which creates a softer sound experience.