Maxton mouthpieces have to be tried to be believed. The quality and consistency of these mouthpieces is second to none. They play ever so easily, are consistent throughout the registers and offer the most amazing sound.

We can hear you think though: “of course you’re going to say that when you want to sell the product”. That’s okay, we understand that. As such, we have decided to stop pushing our opinion and let you work it out for yourself.

You can now order a Maxton Trial Box with 4 Maxton mouthpieces of your choice. Try them to heart’s content for 7 days, and then either purchase the one(s) you like or return them to us. Nothing to lose, because we’ll even cover postage to and from us.

Given the cost of this product, we do need some security though (we’d rather not have you run off with $1,200 worth of mouthpieces). For that reason, we kindly ask that you provide us with a copy of your photo ID, a valid credit card and a AU$300 fully refundable bond (the refundable part is of course subject to the mouthpieces being returned undamaged).

So what are you waiting for? Fill out the form below and we’ll get things underway :)

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