Rossini. The name alone evokes a sense of excitement in me. His William Tell Overture is one of those pieces that stuck by me from the first moment I heard it, now well over 30 years ago.

I’ve played his music, listened to his music, arranged his music, conducted his music and visited his grave. Today, on the 29th February, it’s his birthday. As such, I think it is fitting to introduce a few facts about this “leap year” composer that you may not know.

I hope you enjoy learning a little about this marvellous composer.

, 6 Interesting Facts About Rossini, The Leap Year Composer

Fact 1 – Happy 57th Birthday! Wait… what?!

Rossini was born on the 29th February 1792. He was known to be very superstitious and ironic about the fact he was born on that day, and he really only celebrated his birthday every 4 years. When he turned 76, in 1868, he invited his friends to celebrate his 19th birthday, only a few months before he died. Rossini died on a Friday the 13th. Talk about “bad luck”…

If you were to count his “actual” birthdays, he’d be 57 today, on the 29th February 2020!